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Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens are looking for anyone with information about the carcasses of two bull elk that were dumped illegally just north of Great Falls.

“The carcasses were discovered Nov. 6,” said Kqyn Kuka, FWP game warden in Great Falls.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens are looking for anyone with information about a six-point bull elk illegally shot south of Roy in Fergus County.

“The bull was shot Nov. 23,” said Shawn Briggs, FWP game warden in Lewistown.

The National Park Service (NPS) and the State of Montana (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the Montana Department of Livestock) announced today the release of the public scoping comment report for the Yellowstone-area Bison Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (Plan/EIS).

The public scoping comment period for the Plan/EIS began on March 16, 2015 and closed on June 15, 2015. During this comment period, the NPS and the State held three open houses to provide information regarding the planning effort and encourage the public to submit their comments and ideas for consideration.

A group of Montana state agencies and conservation organizations is seeking nominations for the second round of inductees to the Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame.

The MOHOF honors individuals who have contributed to the restoration and conservation of Montana's fish, wildlife, and other outdoor amenities.

"Montana's Outdoor Hall of Fame recognizes Montana's historical and contemporary conservation leaders," said Montana Governor Steve Bullock. "We need to capture and share the important stories of the men and women who've championed Montana's outdoor heritage."

Heading into the final days of Montana’s big game general season, harvest numbers for elk and white-tailed deer remain above the 10-year average on the Rocky Mountain Front, while mule deer numbers are below the long-term average.

A frequent complaint to Fish, Wildlife and Parks this time of year centers on carcasses dumped after someone has removed the venison.

Not only does the carcass look unappealing and attract unwanted scavengers, it’s illegal, says Kyle Andersen, FWP game warden.

“State law dictates that inedible portions of lawfully taken game must be disposed of in the garbage or taken to a refuse facility,” Andersen says. “Also, state law prohibits successful hunters, and those receiving game as a gift, from wasting meat that is suitable for food.”

Somehow we have forgotten that hunting today is about being outdoors, perhaps companionship, enjoying nature.

There are some in the hunting fraternity that believe going a season without bringing anything home is a disaster. Really? When did that law pass? And what governor signed it?

It’s okay to smile and shake your head when someone asks, did you get your elk?

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