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The Crooked Creek Walleye banquet is an annual winter sport and charity affair that’s always a crowd pleaser. Spokeswoman Jennifer Williams covers that subject as their organization prepares for the Feb. 20 event.

Central Montana Rifle Club Match #10

Landowners have until March 15 to submit applications to Fish, Wildlife, & Parks (FWP) for enrollment in a new program called Unlocking Public Lands that may qualify a landowner for up to $3,000 in annual tax credits. Through this program, a landowner who enters into a contractual agreement with FWP to allow public recreational access across private land to reach a parcel of otherwise inaccessible state or federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or United States Forest Service (USFS) land is entitled to receive a $750 annual tax credit per contract, with a maximum of four contracts per year.

Merge the Ropes!  The Lewistown Hoppers & Proform Airborne will merge for a day!  Saturday, February 20th, 2016 the Lewistown Hoppers is offering a workshop to the kids of Lewistown and the surrounding areas.  This workshop will be staffed with USA JR and World Jump Rope Tittle Winners! Come jump with us!

            JR. RIFLE SCORES

Fri.        GBB c/jv/v     arrive in Belgrade by 3:15 pm

1/29                           Load - 11:45 am  Leave - 12:00 noon

Sat.       BBB  c/jv/v    arrive in Miles City by 2:00 pm

1/30                            Load - 10:15 am  Leave - 10:30 am

             LJH vb  7-8     arrive in Havre by TBA

                                  Load- TBA  Leave - TBA 

Fri.  Wres.  V                arrive in Havre by 2:45 on  will stay at Townhouse Inn
2/5                               Load - 11:15 am   Leave-  11:30 am
       GBB c/jv/v            arrive in Fairfield  2:15 pm
                                   Load-  11:15 am   Leave - 11:30 am
        BBB c/jv/v            arrive in Fairfield by 2:15 pm
                                    Load - 11:15 am   Leave - 11:30 am
Sat.   LJH  vb  7-8         arrive in Harlem by TBA
2/6                                Load - TBA   Leave - TBA
Thurs.  Wres.  v             arrive in Billings by 3:30 pm   will stay two nights at RiverSage Inn
2/11                              Load 12:40  ** Send-off  12:50   Leave -  1:00 pm
Fri.     BBB   c/jv/v         arrive in Havre by 3:15 pm
2/12                               Load - 11:45 am   Leave- 12:00 noon
Sat.   GBB   c/jv/v          arrive in Browning by 1:15 pm
2/13                               Load - 9:00 am   Leave - 9:15 am

Senior Nights: