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A fundraiser to help a Lewistown infant’s family has a motorcycle group taking up the cause.  Fergus County Sheriff Troy Eades has more on the reasons friends and family are holding a raffle.  

Helena woman sues Interior Department over sexual assault

KALISPELL, Mont. (AP) -- A Helena woman who was sexually assaulted by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee while on a work trip has filed a lawsuit, saying she has been subject to retaliation and harassment in the workplace....

Billings woman dies after driving truck into river

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) -- A 34-year-old Billings woman died after driving a pickup truck into the Yellowstone River while being followed by police....

(LEWISTOWN, Mont.) –A contracted logging operation in the North Moccasin Mountains is expected to start within the next week.

The Bureau of Land Management awarded a timber sale contract to RY Timber earlier this year for a project area northeast of Lewistown near the Kendall Mine.  

Lewistown Improvement District (LID) is meeting on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 8:00 AM at the SMDC conference room, 613 NE Main, Lewistown.  SMDC will be assisting them with meeting notice, agendas, etc. 

Please add these dates to your events calendar.  Following are the 2016 dates and agenda items for the November 14th meeting.  

Governor Steve Bullock today announced the following appointments.

Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee

·         Dr. Laura Burkle, Bozeman.  Qualification:  Actively engaged in the growing of alfalfa seed within the state, as a factor of alfalfa seed.  Burkle is an Assitant Professor in the Department of Ecology at Montana State University.

·         Dallas Steiger, Hysham.  Qualification:  Actively engaged in the growing of alfalfa seed within the state.  Steiger is an alfalfa seed grower in Hill County.

Discussion on projects meant to give life to Lewistown were discussed at the the recent city commission meeting.

HELENA, Mont.–Montana’s unemployment rate remained at 4.3 percent in September.  The national unemployment rate increased by 0.1 percentage points up to 5.0 percent. 

“Montana’s unemployment rate continues to be in the ideal range, and the state is seeing a growing workforce,” said Montana Labor & Industry Commissioner Pam Bucy.  “Unemployment in the ideal range provides an even balance between workers having good job opportunities with increasing wages and businesses able to find the workers they need to produce their products.” 

The Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Lewistown-based service is inviting the entire community to visit their new location.

An open house is Tuesday, Nov. 1, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm at 481 Lower Airport Road.  The central office for community services is at the former group home location.

(FERGUS COUNTY, Mont.) – Heavy rains washed out a culvert at the northern end of Middle Two Calf Road about a quarter-mile from the junction of the DY Trail, forcing the Bureau of Land Management to enact an emergency road closure for public safety.

“The road is impassable at this point,” explained BLM Civil Engineer Carl Patten. “Wet and muddy conditions are delaying repair work, which will be completed as soon as possible.”

The Lewistown City Commission’s Committee of the Whole met Monday evening with interested individuals who want to change the existing form of city government.

Lewistown is presently served with a city manager.  Those critical of the present form want to replace the city manager with a mayor.  

A special place for women is accepting guests who face a serious challenge. Katie’s House manager Tia Carr told her KXLO-Live audience:

The Lewistown Art Center celebrated Octoberfest on Saturday with polka music, dinner, and a silent auction.  One young artist, Sophie Lark, spoke with KXLO's Fred Lark about the event and her donated art:

The Lewistown School Board met recently covering several topics including goal setting for the district’s kindergarten and first graders.  According to Superintendent Jason Butcher:

The Fergus High building has a couple of problems to correct.

Jason Butcher, in his monthly KXLO report, covered the concern in his monthly Superintendent's report to the Board of Trustees.  

A new Fergus High student club, and solar energy - a couple of topics discussed at the latest school board meeting.

Business Manager Rebekah Rhoades and Superintendent Jason Butcher have more on these  school board agenda topics.

A Lewistown Nurse Practitioner is opening her own office. Kimberly Decker visited with KXLO-Live host Fred Lark about her profession and services she will offer.

Friends of Head Start is pleased to announce the winner of their playhouse raffle…..Marcia Smith of Moccasin (pictured right). Marcia bought the winning ticket from her sister, Sandra Westhoff (pictured left), a Board Member for Central Montana Head Start (CMHS). Funds generated from this raffle will be used to support children and families served by CMHS in Lewistown, Harlowton, and Roundup. Plans are already underway for another playhouse raffle to start in the spring.

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