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KLCM 95.9 FM  620 NE Main   Lewistown, Montana  59457  406.535-3441

Playing the “Best Classic and Modern Rock Hits” has earned KLCM a mark of distinction in the Central Montana community. We pride ourselves on being relevant in today’s music scene as well as honoring the past by housing thousands of songs, using all digital programming, offering top flight production that sells, and giving the Central Montana listeners illustriously first-class DJ personalities. Good music, up-to-the-minute news, and dedicated sports coverage makes KLCM Central Montana’s favorite FM radio station. Our DJ-hosted live shows spotlight listener requests and original music content to keep the fans coming back for more.

The Ultimate Morning Show featuring Ken Bergren and Jay Gordon provides just the right amount of morning humor and music knowledge to get your day started just right. Ken and Jay love to play your requests from the request line at 535-3906 or from our facebook page .  And don’t forget to call in your birthday and anniversary wishes as they will be mentioned multiple times throughout the show. They focus on classic and modern rock hits, but will play just about anything.

The-Not-Morning-Not-Show airs daily, Monday-Friday, on KLCM and features our famously witty DJ, Jesse Jensen, taking you into the world of alternative music and stunningly crazy mind-chatter. Listener requests, anomalous music and Jesse’s extreme commentaries mark this show as a top-favorite with our younger listeners.


KLCM 95.9 FM - Program Schedule

 Broadcasting 24 hours a day


Midnight to 6am: The Best Classic and Modern Rock Hits

6am to 9am: The Morning Show with Ken Bergren and Jay Gordon. News, Sports, and the best music of the day. We take your requests on our request line 535.3906 or on our facebook page . You never know what you are going to hear.

9am to 10am: 90’s at 9

10am to 3pm: The Best Classic and Modern Rock Hits

3pm to 6pm: The Not-Morning Not-Show with Jesse Jensen, taking your requests, playing everything under the sun, and proving that anyone can do this job.

6pm to Midnight: The Evening Mix including the 70’s at 7 and the Best Classic and Modern Rock Hits



Midnight to 6am: Real Radio with the Best Classic and Modern Rock Hits

6am to 8am: The Montana Outdoor Show with The Captain and Friends.

8am to Noon: Jay Gordon’s Wax Museum. Playing happy songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

5pm to 10pm: Dick Bartley’s Rock and Rolls Greatest Hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

10pm to Midnight: Real Radio with The Best Classic and Modern Rock Hits



Midnight to 9pm: The Best Classic and Modern Rock Hits

9pm to 10pm: House of Blues Radio Hour

10pm to Midnight: The Best Classic and Modern Rock Hits