Hunter and Bowhunter Education Instructors are needed across Montana to teach safety, outdoor skills, ethics, and responsibility to students of all ages.  Instructors are needed in Lewis and Clark, Jefferson, and Broadwater counties.  Instructors donate many hours each spring and fall to ensure that hunters coming into the hunting community are safe and ethical. 

Youth 14-17 years of age may apply to become Junior Instructors.  Junior Instructors can benefit from the experience of teaching Hunter and Bowhunter Education in several ways, including gaining public speaking experience, demonstrating responsibility in the community, and adding to their resumes.  

To learn more about the volunteer program or to apply to become a Hunter or Bowhunter Education Instructor, please go to FWP’s website at the Become a Hunter Education/Bowhunter Instructor web page at:

You can also contact an active local instructor to obtain an application, or call FWP in Helena at 444-9948.

Source: FWP

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