Bus Schedule:
Thurs.  Tn  v    arrive in Bozeman  by 12:15 pm   Stay at Days Inn in Bozeman  Thursday
5/18                Load - 8:45 am  Parent Send-off- 8;55 am  Leave - 9:15 am
                       If necessary to stay Friday will be at Quality Inn in Belgrade
           SB  v    arrive in Livingston by 7:30 pm  will stay at Comfort Inn in Livingston
                       Load - 4:40 pm  Parent Send-off- 4:45 pm   Leave  5:00 pm
Fri.      Tr    v    arrive in Belgrade by 1:30 pm     will stay at Quality Inn in Belgrade
5/19                 Load -  10:10 am  Parent send-off 10:15 am  Leave - 10:30 am
Bus Schedule TBA for State.
Any questions or problems let me know..

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