2018 Boys Basketball Eastern Divisional Tournament

2018 Girls Basketball Eastern Divisional Tournament

BBB Fergus 71   Park 44

GBB Fergus 42  Park 36
BBB seeding Central A

Under a new piece of bipartisan legislation working its way through Congress, Montana would get a significant boost for conserving wildlife and habitat.

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (H.R.4647) was introduced this past December by Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, R-Nebraska, and Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Michigan, and could provide $1.3 billion in annual funds to state wildlife agencies for conserving wildlife and habitat, increasing wildlife associated recreation opportunities, and increasing conservation education programs. Funding for the legislation would come from revenue generated by existing on and off-shore oil and gas drilling as well as other energy sources developed on federal lands and would require a 25 percent non-federal match.

Many of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ online users will notice a big change starting Wednesday with the unveiling of the new MyFWP online portal.

The new MyFWP portal contains enhanced security measures to ensure user information is better protected. Additionally, the new portal has increased functionality to make it more of a destination for license holders and other FWP customers. The new portal has replaced the pre-existing one starting Feb. 14.

District 8-C Basketball Tournament brackets - girls and boys

A survey of Montana residents is currently being conducted by researchers at Colorado State University to better understand public opinions about fish and wildlife management. The survey is part of a national effort sponsored by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. 

During the next couple of months, researchers will be contacting randomly selected Montana residents by mail and requesting that they complete a short survey. While Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is not conducting this research directly, we strongly encourage residents who receive the survey to respond.

What is an NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) ?  Why is it important to receive the training and become a certified NRA RSO?

The NRA certified Range Safety Officer is charged with providing assistance to the Range Officer in and at a shooting event.  The RSO will provide a safe environment for the shooting event and monitor and supervise safety on the shooting line.  The RSO does not usually participate in running an event but provides focus on safety of all participants in the event.  Many events where there is more than one shooting venue, require multiple RSO’s assistance.

Three things are guaranteed in Montana: Death, taxes and game damage hunts in the winter. And not always in that order.

The current cold and snowy weather has ranchers concerned and hunters eager. In tough winter conditions mostly deer, but elk, too, often head en masse to the nearest haystack for a bite to eat.