A Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologist was a co-author of a report that won the Outstanding Paper Award in Landscape Ecology from the U.S. Regional Association of the International Association for Landscape Ecology. 

This weekend is one that celebrates the Lewistown BGM races.  Joe Toller has the inside information on this annual event.

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana wildlife officials are releasing new details about last month’s bear attack against a government researcher.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials said Amber Kornak surprised a grizzly after walking within 12 feet of the bear in the Cabinet Mountains on May 17.

If this Universe has a Creator, she must have been having a good day when she created birds.

Lewistown got socked in by cool wet weather last weekend cancelling out most of the scheduled drag racing activities.

Help from the public is being sought for the development of the draft Crooked Creek/Musselshell Breaks Travel Management Plan and Environmental Assessment.

 The Crooked Creek/Musselshell Breaks Travel Management Plan will establish an inclusive system of transportation routes that: provides access to public lands for multiple-use activities, while minimizing impacts to wildlife habitat; reduces the introduction and spread of invasive weeds; lessens conflicts among recreational user groups; and prevents damage to cultural resources resulting from the expansion of roads and trails on public lands.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff observed a grizzly bear on the morning of June 14 at the Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge, about 10 miles northeast of Great Falls in Cascade County.

Officials first thought the bear was the sibling of the bear that died earlier this week of insecticide poisoning. However, the bear observed at Benton Lake NWR is noticeably larger than the sibling bear (300 pounds vs. 130 pounds), and FWP biologists have determined it is a different bear.

Hunters interested in participating in “game-damage” hunts on private land or possible management seasons this year have from June 15 to July 15 to register online with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

Drag racing is a key summer sport in Lewistown.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks is seeking information about vandalism at Ackley Lake State Park near Stanford.

Each spring, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks receives several calls from people who have picked up deer fawns or other wildlife. FWP no longer accepts, holds or rehabilitates ungulates like deer, moose and elk because the animals often die from the stress of captivity, and because of concerns with the spread of disease.

There are many cases in which good intentions lead to dire consequences. One spring in Miles City, a person saw a fledgling bald eagle hopping around on the ground, which is normal behavior as they learn to fly. Thinking the bird was injured, the person threw a blanket over it and brought it to the FWP office. The eagle escaped and flew in the opposite direction of the nest, and it’s not known if it returned.

Once upon a time, in a state far, far away, there were few people and fewer animals.

Let’s call this place and time Montana 1918.

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Avoid conflicts with wildlife as WMAs open May 15

Most of Montana’s 76 Wildlife Management Areas open May 15, and with the long winter and heavy snowpack wildlife still have limited areas, in some places, left to forage.

People who are looking to get out to the WMAs this time of year should remember to keep vigilant to avoid conflicts with wildlife, particularly bears.