Bus Schedule:
Thurs.  Tn  v    arrive in Bozeman  by 12:15 pm   Stay at Days Inn in Bozeman  Thursday
5/18                Load - 8:45 am  Parent Send-off- 8;55 am  Leave - 9:15 am
                       If necessary to stay Friday will be at Quality Inn in Belgrade

The Lewistown shooting complex north of town gets much use regardless of the season.  Members Fred Picco and Scott Fox cover a few activities including one for Saturday night.

Those who have had to give up and return to shore due to poor boating conditions know it can be a tough decision.

"When spring is in the air, snowmelt creates high water in our streams and rivers and high expectations for some good boating or rafting," said Liz Lodman, the boat education coordinator for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

Hunter and Bowhunter Education Instructors are needed across Montana to teach safety, outdoor skills, ethics, and responsibility to students of all ages.  Instructors are needed in Lewis and Clark, Jefferson, and Broadwater counties.  Instructors donate many hours each spring and fall to ensure that hunters coming into the hunting community are safe and ethical. 

With the arrival of spring and melting snow, shed hunters take to the hills in search of cherished shed elk and deer antlers.

It's become an annual ritual for many. Some seek a fun way to get out in the field and others hope to turn found antlers into profit.

Imagine you’re riding hard down a mountain trail. The thrill of the tight trees, narrow trail and fast speed is undeniable and invigorating. As the trail you’re on weaves around a thicket of alder and huckleberries there’s a sow grizzly and two small cubs.

These hypothetical chance encounters can become more likely as the sport of mountain biking takes off in many communities around Montana and as the state’s grizzly bear population continues to expand.

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