Thanks to the generous sup­port of donors, Central Montana Medical Center Foundation (MCF) Advisory Board were able to help with projects over the last two months that will benefit many Central Montanans.

• CMMC Hospice: MCF granted $737.12 to Hospice for ROHO Cush­ions. These cushions are pressure re­lieving devices to place on top of the Hospice patients’ chair. As Hospice patients body systems begin to slow down, the skin breakdown is com­mon, painful and costly. This can be intervened with pressure relieving devices, like the ROHO.

• Small Wonder Child Care: MCF approved a gift of 1,000 band-aids, 500 alcohol wipes and 500 antibiotic ointments for Small Wonder Child Care to help make all those with little owies feel better! Small Wonder Childcare serves 160 families in Lewistown.

• Fergus High School EMT Class: $4,480 was donated for ed­ucational materials and students’ uniform with the CMMC logo. This state certified class gives stu­dents the opportunity to take an EMT course as a one-year elective during their senior year. This is the second year providing this class to 11 students. The material is online and includes lectures, study tools, digital and audio books and ex­ams. The textbooks are reused.

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