In 2016, there were 3,450 people killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. Montana ranks #7 deadliest state for car crashes with 18.2 deaths per 100,000 people, compared to the national average of 11.6. And is among the worst for distracted driving laws. Although there are some cities with bans, Montana is the only state left with no statewide law banning texting and driving or hand-held cell phone use for ANY drivers (AZ and MO ban only novice drivers and all other states ban all drivers).

HELENA – The Environmental Protection Agency recently approved Montana’s five-year plan to protect the state’s water quality from the effects of a wide variety of diffuse pollutants, collectively known as nonpoint source pollution.

The Department of Environmental Quality updated its plan that addresses the types of water pollution associated with a broad range of land use activities, including urban stormwater runoff, agricultural and forestry practices and road building and maintenance. The plan outlines objectives, strategies, and actions for the next five years. Implementation of the plan relies of statewide partnerships and local efforts by all Montanans. The plan focuses on voluntary implementation of best Management Practices such as managing livestock grazing to protect riparian areas along streams or reducing runoff and erosion from unpaved roads.

(BLAINE COUNTY,.) – Timber Ridge Road is closed due to emergency until further notice.

“There’s a significant slide in the middle of the road which is making travel impossible,” said Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Manager Josh Chase.

Abby Franks, the Lewistown Boys and Girls club director,  says there’s more room in their summer session.

All residents throughout Montana are encouraged to participate in Wildfire Awareness Month this May. The purpose is to raise awareness about community preparedness and what risk reduction steps you can take to prepare your family and property.

Residents in areas with a potential for wildfires can lower their risk through their preparedness efforts. Proactive actions from a single individual, or entire neighborhood, contribute to a safer community when wildfires happen.Become a local champion through committing a couple of hours or an entire day to improving your property’s defensibility and resiliency; and contributing toward your community becoming more fire adapted.

It’s all about kids and their parents, actually any special adult -- the Small Wonder Day Care’s Fam-Jam.

Small Wonder spokeswomen have this to say about Friday night’s fundraiser at Jack’s Hangar,  including free babysitting for parents who attend.

City planning is assisted with committee help.  City Manager Holly Phelps has a few dates spanning the next few weeks regarding meeting times for city committee meetings.

One of the bigger city construction projects is slated to start this week.  City Managaer Holly Phelps reports on the long awaited Riverdale Sanitary Sewer Installation.

Lewistown’s swim season is approaching with a few changes in this year’s the prices. But City Manager Holly Phelps says most of the rates will remain the same.  

MONTANA – Governor Steve Bullock today issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency due to flooding in seven counties, and on the Fort Belknap Indian reservation and in the Town of Chester.

“As Montanans are faced with flooding, we are doing everything necessary at the state level to protect health and safety, and to preserve lives, property, and resources,” said Governor Bullock. “We continue to keep in close communication with local and tribal officials as we monitor conditions around the state.”


Hello everyone.  Yes, RSVP is still active in Lewistown.  In the absence of a local Volunteer Coordinator, we have been trying to have someone in the Lewistown office weekly, traveling from Roundup.  However, due to the nasty winter we have had, we have not been able to get here as often as we would like.

OFFICE HOURS beginning April 25th will be every WEDNESDAY from 10AM till 3PM.

We will be contacting every volunteer and station, personally within the next month, to see how everyone is doing.  We apologize for the inconvenience of not having anyone locally here for this long of a period. We have been trying to hire someone since Jennifer left us, but have had very little response.  On a good note, we do have someone in the process of getting hired for this position. We will let you all know when and if this happens.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at the Roundup RSVP office.


315 ½ Main St.

Roundup, MT   59072

406-323-1403  (this is no longer long distance to call us)

Our Shoe Drive is going on now!!  Please donate any new or gently used pair of athletic shoes.  We have donation boxes set up at Shopko (right inside the front door), RSVP office (2nd floor of Wells Fargo Bank and the Council on Aging (in the lobby).  This is a huge fundraiser for us and will help us keep our programs running.  These programs include Meals on Wheels, The Community Cupboard, Treasure Depot and many more.

RSVP thanks you!!!


MaLinda DiTonno

RSVP Director

Shelley Halvorson

RSVP Volunteer Coordinator


State and local public health agencies are investigating several reports of E. coli O157 illnesses likely linked to chopped romaine lettuce sourced from the winter growing areas in Yuma, Arizona.  Three cases in Montana are confirmed to be linked by laboratory testing to a multi-state outbreak and four more are suspected and further testing is pending.

Lewistown has a location for women in transition.  Director Emma Wickens says the organization, Katy’s House, also needs mentors to help council residents.  

Lewistown’s downtown area holds a special charm throughout the year.  But when spring comes it needs a bit of help to make it “sparkle” as Jennifer Saunders points out:

Kathy Bailey and Carly Wheatley with Snowy Mountain Development Corporation (SMDC) are looking for ideas.

They need public input and ideas that could help produce an economic boost for the Lewistown area.

The Rising Trout coffee shop in downtown Lewistown has added a new aspect to their menu...wrapped and frozen local beef, and beef products.

Owners Brandon and Mariah O’Halloran have launched a unique retail line in addition to their coffee.

School budgeting issues still need to be finalized.

Monday night’s board meeting found it necessary to table a salary issue.  According to Superintendent Thom Peck:

Church of Christ Pastor Russell Epperson has special interest in the Community Cupboard.  As a member of the Board of Directors he announced that an evening opening is now scheduled for those in need.

Lewistown is losing a July 4th tradition.  Shriner George Dengle told his KXLO-Live audience:Lewistown is losing a July 4th tradition. 

Friends and family of Cindy Burch are joining forces to help her fight cancer with a fundraiser later this month.   Cindy and Lacey Bray told their KXLO-Live audience:

The annual Spirits Festival is returning to Lewistown.

Spokesman Tony Brown has more on the one-night event that’s an important fundraiser benefiting several small central Montana communities.

The Lewistown City Commission plans to restrict dogs from attending some public events.  City Manager Holly Phelps outlines the problem and anticipated exceptions.

The Lewistown City Park and Recreation Board faces limited revenue - reason enough to seek a management plan to help cover the East Fork camping site.   According to City Manager Holly Phelps:

Grants and donations continue to be pledged for the Creekside Market Place and Pavilion.   City Manager Holly Phelps updated the commission on a couple of promising amounts that would help with construction this year.